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Исполнитель: Nas
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Песня: Simple Things
[Justin Vernon:]
And I know where I'm going to!

I'm lookin' in Longevity's eyes,
I play with Infinity's mind, Forever's my guy,
My pedigree above your ass, you'll never see I,
I love the past, but see where I'm goin', I get to fly.
Never sold a record for the beat, it's my verses they purchase,
Without production I'm worthless,
But I'm more than the surface,
Want me to sound like every song on the Top 40,
I'm not for you, you not for me, you bore me.
I drop lines prestigious schools read to their students,
Look at my album plaques, somebody agrees with the music,
Was lovin' women you'll never see,
All you know's my kids' mothers, some celebrities.
Damn, look at the jealousy!
Lucky me, I meet some beauties,
Make you wanna shoot me,
Hate to brag, my worst batch kills off your best cutie,
Facts is deep, we break up, they hook up with athletes,
Get married 'cause we wasn't that match, my G.
Don't attach me to the games, I'm lucky, I'm blessed,
One of my exes could be your next, dawg, trust me, don't test.

It's the simple things in life, simple things in life,
Simple things in life, simple things in life,
It's the simple things in life, simple things in life,
Simple things in life, simple things in life.

Rollin' dice, throw no aces
With my gangsters, we discussin' buyin' acres,
Other safe bets, nothing regular or basic,
Ridin' back to back, me and Jungle in some spaceships,
Where the squad at?
You can see us on the ave, chop it up as always,
Stand up, Queensbridge, now the world know us,
Everybody sayin' my humility's infectious,
I just want my kids to have the same peace I'm blessed with.
Перевод песни:
Простые вещи

[Justin Vernon:]
И я знаю, к чему стремлюсь!

Я гляжу в глаза Долголетию,
Манипулирую мыслями Бесконечности, Вечность — мой приятель,
Моя родословная знатнее вашей, вам меня даже не достать,
Я люблю прошлое, но посмотрите, к чему я стремлюсь, я отращиваю крылья...... [открыть перевод]

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