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Исполнитель: Serenity
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Песня: Heaven
Been to war, so far away
But now my journey ends
Caged alone, nights kill the days
Been tortured and offend

I've tried to reach you, to find back home
I'm faithful to my vow
All these years are dead and gone
I don't want to end this now

I close my eyes, to see your face
Divided hearts embraced
Here I stand alone
And waiting for your love

Heaven, heaven, where you belong
I never dreamed that someone could save me from my dark
You're my guide to
Heaven, heaven, where love can be true
Cause there's no place on earth
For me and you

You've been to war
So far away
Felt you here like ever
Waiting years like caged alone not the time to end it now

Crying tears, hope casts away
Day by day I chase the sun
Until you will find your way

Heaven, heaven
Just days to hold on
An endless dream,
Time to awaken from my dark hold my hand in
Heaven, heaven, is close
Even through years our love's still strong
My heart's at this place where you belong

Heaven, heaven,
Where we belong
An endless dream,
It's time that we save us from our dark we are close to
Heaven, heaven is close
Even through years our love's still strong our hearts
At this place where we belong
Our hearts at this place where we belong.
Перевод песни:

Я ушел воевать очень далеко,
Но странствию моему конец.
Сидел я за решеткой, ночи коротая.
Меня пытали и унижали.

Я хотел найти тебя, чтоб оказаться дома,
Оставался верным клятве.
Все эти годы навек ушли в закат...... [открыть перевод]

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