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Исполнитель: Nas
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Песня: King‘s Disease
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!


I made the fade famous, the chain famous,
QB on my chest match the stainless,
Amazing Grace, I'm gracefully agin'.
Without masonry, I made more paper to play with,
No rap in my playlist, sold dimes on my day shift. (King)
So, can I breathe? Can I walk? Can I speak? Can I talk?
Can I floss without you wanting me outlined in chalk?
Family gossipin', pocket watchin' him,
Jealousy keeps blossomin', ain't let it box me in. (King)
'Cause you are not a king if you can't come out a thing
That you got yourself in, claimin' nobody helping.
The stupidest part of Africa produced Blacks that started algebra,
Proof, facts, imagine if you know that as a child, bruh.
Nostalgia, how I remembеr things,
Remember crowns, remember, kings,
They want your reign to cease, (King)
You a king, you will be next to me doin' your own king shit, most definitely.
We're so "Say less when I speak", y'all estrogen speak,
Respected by kings only, address me as chief,
Invested in things only a vet would,
Only lames front on kings, that's expected from creeps,
You mad at my niggas and any woman with interest in me.
You could've made it, (You was good) look at all the time wasted,
Now you gotta retract statements, shoulda stuck to the basics,
All you had to do was tell the truth, like, fuck all the fake shit,
You should want every brother to make it out,
But brothers want trophies, they troll for clout,
Rap is weird, weird flex, but okay,
You ain't as ill as you think, you just okay,
You got pressed in the hood, fix your jibs up, I'm on top,
Stop fighting it, yo, stop with the over-righteousness,
It's so lame, this media circus greedy and worthless,
My life got 'em tight, why they wanna see me hurt up? (Why me?)
Real kings everywhere, stand up!
It come with the game.

King's Disease!
Перевод песни:
Королевская болезнь

Приветствую, дамы и господа!

Хит-Бой! 1

Я прославил фейд, прославил цепь, 2
"КБ" на груди в тон нержавеющему стволу, 3
"О благодать", я старею блаженно. 4..... [открыть перевод]

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